It’s been a very busy year for MaidEnergy and we’ve come a very long way! A big thank you to all our investors, Our first share offer raised £130,000, enough for our first site, Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead.

Norden Farm have a great café and artistic programme, as well as the fine sight of the solar rooftop in action.  So if you’re local go and visit, catch a play, have a coffee and admire the panels.

We’ve been generating away very nicely for a year now.  We recently received our first payment from Good Energy. It’s generated over 33,000 kwh (kilowatt hours) so far, which is enough to power 10 houses for a year.


The first share offer also raised enough for our second, larger, site on the main block at The Magna Carta School in Egham, and in August we installed it (during a heatwave – we proved it’s certainly a good site catching the full power of the sun with absolutely no shade at all).

We had hoped to be able to do this in the Easter rather than the summer school holidays, but as we discovered, Magna’s status as an academy meant we needed an extra permission from the EFA, the government body which oversees the buildings and assets of academy schools, which was a long process. In the first two months it generated over 6,000 kwh.


Our second share offer raised another £40,000 for a separate smaller site at The Magna Carta School, on S block, leaving some funds for another site. We installed that one in September and both are working well.

Thanks to a grant from E.ON we have a display unit in the school canteen to demonstrate to the school community and visitors how much renewable power they’re generating and carbon they’re saving.

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