First Installation Completed


The great news is that we have now completed our first installation.

Our share offer closed on 18th November and we raised a whopping £129,700, enabling us to complete the installation at Norden Farm and plan for our next installation at Magna Carta school in 2016.WP_20151216_003

The installation work at Norden Farm completed on 23rd December, installing 38.5kW of solar panels onto 4 different roofs. This equates to 140 panels and enough electricity to power 560 LED lightbulbs 24×7 throughout the year.

2015-12-18 15.04.51

The feed in tariff application was submitted to Good Energy on the 23rd December, well in time for the end of the pre-registration period that finished on 28th December.  This means that MaidEnergy will receive the higher rate feed in tariff that we registered this installation for back in December 2014.

As of 6th January 2016 we had generated 247kWhrs of electricity. Thanks to all our investors and here’s to lots more energy generated from the sun in 2016.