Low Carbon Record Month

 Britain set a new record in August – it was the lowest carbon our electricity has ever been.

If we’re going to beat climate change and become a zero carbon economy, the biggest task  is cleaning up our electricity system. There’s plenty of others like transport, heating, food, industry, and planting more trees, and on most we aren’t moving anything like fast enough, but on electricity we’ve come a long way, and August 2019 was a record.

It’s the second time the record’s fallen this year, with March the previous best. That record needs to keep on being beaten and it happening twice in one year is very good news!

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Every year we build more renewables and cut out more coal, and we used hardly any coal at all this August. We have more solar than ever before, and more wind, and this year August was both sunny and windy. Britain’s nuclear power plants were mostly back up and running again too after some had down time for maintenance, so this August we burnt less fossil fuel for electricity than we have for decades. Have a look at www.mygridgb.co.uk if you want to find out more.

We need to keep up the momentum, and we at MaidEnergy love making our local contribution to that with our solar panels!