Here is our 2019 share offer document, and here is the business plan for further detail.

Here are the Annual Report and Accounts for 2017-18. The 2019 AGM was held on 12 March at Norden Farm Arts Centre, and the minutes are available here.

Here are the Annual Report and Accounts for 2016-17. The 2018 AGM was held on 25 March at The Magna Carta School, and the minutes are available here.

The 2015-16 Annual Report and Accounts are here.

If you would like to see live information about how much our panels are generating, you can request the password by using the Contact Form.

Once you have the login, click here for live information about how much energy our panels are producing.

You may also be interested in the MaidEnergy Rules:

MaidEnergy is a Community Benefit Society and each shareholder is a member.  This document sets out the Objects (aims) of the Society and details about how it is governed – how Directors are appointed; how meetings are to be run; what happens to the Society’s assets if the Society ceases to exist.

This is where you will find important documents about MaidEnergy. This is the share offer document for our previous share offer (now closed):

You must read the share offer document before making a decision to buy shares.  It sets out the benefits and risks of becoming a shareholder in MaidEnergy. Our Share Offer Document has been awarded the Community Shares Standard mark to show it has been properly reviewed.

If you have any queries about the 2016 Share Offer document, please get in touch, but you may find our Share Offer FAQ helpful:

This FAQ should be read in conjunction with the main Share Offer document to ensure you get the full picture about your investment.

If you are looking for financial information, try the 2016 Business Plan:

This includes much information to be found in the Share Offer document, but also gives predictions for the Society Income, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow for the period 2016 – 2020.

A detailed Financial Model is available to view on request via the Contact Form.  Our Directors will be happy to walk you through this if you want detailed financial information.

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