How it works

By purchasing shares you will:

  • Gain an equal vote with every other member in how MaidEnergy is managed
  • Participate in local renewable energy resource ownership and benefit from Government incentives
  • Be eligible for any interest paid to members, after the initial holding period
  • Contribute to local energy provision aiming to offer protection against fluctuations in supply and costs
  • Contribute to the provision of renewable energy supplies that aim to retain benefits locally
  • Help to address the climate crisis and contribute to reducing local CO2 emissions
All investments and commercial activities carry risk.  By buying shares you should weigh up financial risk and reward as you would with any other investment opportunities. Please read this document in full including the section on risks below, and read the accompanying business plan and take appropriate financial advice if you have any doubts.

MaidEnergy members have agreed to pay the same rate of return to all eligible members, so the rate paid will be dependent both on the return generated from our existing solar PV sites, and on the success of projects funded by this share offer. 

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Eton College Engagement

MaidEnergy are working with a group of eco-conscious students from Eton College, we think do a great job of explaining what MaidEnergy is all about: 
MaidEnergy is a Community Benefit Society, Reg 30926R.