Our Projects

MaidEnergy’s main area of focus has been on photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and their associated inverters, which are a mature technology, widely used in the UK and globally. PV solar panels generate electricity throughout daylight hours, even when it’s cloudy, but generate more in sunnier conditions. Berkshire and Surrey are among the sunniest parts of the UK, averaging over 1,500 hours of sunshine a year.  MaidEnergy will have installed nearly 400kW of generation by the end of 2020 and is now planning future projects.

Building on the learning we have gained we are now intending to start work on low carbon heat, with the installation of a Ground Source Heat Pump at Thames Valley Athletics Centre (TVAC), where we have installed community-owned solar panel and have an existing relationship.  This will replace the use of 8 aging gas boilers and will be financed through the use of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

MaidEnergy had our first successful community share offer in 2015.  Two solar panels installations were completed in 2015 & 2016:
  • 39kW install: Norden Farm Centre for the Arts Maidenhead, Berkshire
  • 60kW install: The Magna Carta School Egham/Staines, Surrey
In 2019 MaidEnergy undertook a community share offer raising more then £250,000 to install solar panels on; schools, athletic facility, and community buildings. Installation took place in early 2020, adding another four sites:
  • 34kW install: Longridge Activity Centre Marlow, Berkshire
  • 50kW install: Thames Valley Athletics Centre Windsor, Berkshire
  • 50kW install: Riverside Primary School Maidenhead, Berkshire
  • 35kW install: Furze Platt Primary School Maidenhead, Berkshire
In 2020 MaidEnergy launched a community share offer raising an additional £60,000 to install solar panels on a new leisure center. Installation took place early 2021:
  • 107kW install: Braywick Leisure Centre Maidenhead, Berkshire

New Project

We are excited to be working with Thames Valley Athletics Centre (TVAC) once again after the successful installation of solar panels on their roof, this time to install low carbon heating.
The project, our first non-solar project, will replace the existing 8 aging gas boilers at the centre.  So not only will we be reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to support a better environment we will also be providing their members with a comforting, warm and efficient place to train.

Even in these challenging times, our community has come together to raise above the minimum investment target . So we now have £196k invested which will be used to deliver our brand new project at TVAC for a ground source heat pump at the same time as supporting future projects.
Whilst we do not have any current share offers open we are regularly working on new projects which need investment, so why not subscribe to our mail-list today and you'll be the first to know about new share offers.

Case Studies

Norden Farm Arts Centre

Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead is a beautiful site including a Georgian farmhouse and an 18th Century Long Barn, carefully linked with more modern buildings. It has a diverse range of performance, art, and education and also a very good café. The have a strong environmental ethos and were very keen to be our first solar PV site back in 2015.

The solar panels on the main roof are mostly invisible from the ground, but the panels on the car park roof are much more clearly visible. This was a slightly more complicated install but went well, and Norden Farm are very glad to be saving money and carbon, and to be working with us as another local community organisation
We have 38.5 kW of solar panels installed at Norden Farm Arts Centre, gaining the 2015 rate of the feed-in tariff, and we particularly enjoyed launching our 2019 share offer there.

"Solar PV saves money and carbon – it’s a win-win," says Matt Bliss, Technical Manager.

The Magna Carta School

Magna Carta is a comprehensive school with 1,250 students, between Egham and Staines. They were our second site and they wanted to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and their energy bills too, as all our sites do. They also wanted to make the most of the educational opportunity, to show the students the panels helping to power the school and explain the working, and to show the amount generated and carbon saved on the display screens around the school.

This installation on the main school building took place in August 2015 during a heatwave, covering the roofs on two sides of the playground, where they are also obvious to visitors in the school car park. This site benefits from the 2015 feed-in tariff rate, higher than following years.

We were able to come back in 2016 for a small second share offer for another installation on the high roof of the science block, before the next reduction in the feed-in tariff. We have 59 kW of solar at the school.

"Solar panels at Magna Carta supplied by MaidEnergy have made a huge difference," says Tim Smith, Executive Head Teacher.

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MaidEnergy is a Community Benefit Society, Reg 30926R.